Boeing 777X “exploding doors”: damage greater than expected

AeroTime Daily News | November 28, 2019
Forget the 737 MAX crisis – even the 777X program has not been without its challenges. In September 2019, it was widely reported that a cargo door on a Boeing 777X static test plane “blew out” during a ground stress test at the manufacturer’s Everett, Washington, plant. Keeping silent about the details of the incident, Boeing confirmed that the fuselage of the test aircraft suffered a high-pressure rupture just as it approached its ultimate load required to certify the jet.
Lufthansa is facing an over $6.4 million reaching fine after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accused the airline of operating around 900 flights to and from the United States without having full permits to do so. The German carrier’s spokesperson claims safety was never compromised and that the airline is “fully cooperating” with the regulator.
Forty years ago, Air New Zealand chartered flight 901 to Antarctica that was supposed to show its passengers the beauties of the southernmost continent.  Unfortunately, the DC-10 crashed into the side of Mount Erebus and kill the 257 people on board, making the flight the deadliest incident in the history of New Zealand. On November 28, 2019, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern apologized for the government’s handling of the situation at the time.
South Korea, Japan, and China are close to reaching an agreement regarding the control of the airspace over the East China Sea, in an attempt to put an end to a series of near-miss incidents.
The French manufacturer Safran and its German counterpart MTU Aero Engines reportedly reached an agreement on the engine for the future fighter jet developed by France, Germany and Spain. After an initial development led by Safran, the two companies will create a joint venture for the certification and production.

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