Blade debris puncture Ethiopian Dash 8 cabin in runway excursion

AeroTime Daily News | December 11, 2019
Over the past few months, a lot of noise had been generated by airlines regarding their ultra-long-range flights. Behind the trials of these flights, stands one overlooked element – the magic of public relations (PR). Project Sunrise, announced by Qantas on August 25, 2017, has been a true hit. Especially over the past few months, when the trials of flights between Sydney and two major capitals, namely New York and London, were conducted by the Australian flag carrier. But this is where the project gets interesting – on both flights, media personalities were present: filming, posting on social media and again, generating buzz.
An Ethiopian Airlines Dash 8 suffered a runway excursion while departing from the Juba International Airport, South Sudan. The aircraft was heavily damaged, but none of the 21 occupants were injured.

Two Jetstar Airways pilots have found themselves under the spotlight after the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) released new information regarding an incident on a domestic flight involving an Airbus A320. The flight was forced to abandon two landing approaches after the flight crew failed to follow procedure, leaving the landing gear in the wrong position when conducting a go-around.
New concerns have emerged about Boeing 787 Dreamliner wing design changes and the corresponding modifications to the lightning protection on the wings themselves. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) management lit the green light for the manufacturer to make the change, despite FAA’s own engineers objecting to the modification.
A DHC-2 Beaver, operated by the Canadian company Harbour Air and converted into an electric aircraft by the Australian manufacturer magniX, flew for a few minutes over the Fraser River, in British Columbia. The company claims it “made history”, calling the ePlane the world’s first all-electric commercial aircraft to fly.
Heavy rain has disrupted operations of the Dubai International Airport (DXB). While flights are departing and arriving with “minimal” disruption, passengers are still advised to leave extra time for journeys to and from the airport. The announcement comes just a day prior to the expected beginning of the holiday rush period. 

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