Asiana A380 engine catches fire at Seoul Incheon Airport (VIDEO)

Daily Newsletter | October 18, 2019
The Australian company Qantas is about to run its first test of an ultra-long-haul between New York and Sydney, a journey of nearly 20,000 kilometers that should take about 20 hours non-stop.
The  engine of an Airbus A380 belonging to the South Korean carrier Asiana Airlines caught fire during refueling in Seoul airport. The incident caused no injury.
A SpiceJet Boeing 737 carrying out flight SG21 from New Delhi (DEL) to Kabul (KBL) was intercepted by Pakistan Air Force fighter jets when it entered the country’s airspace.
France and Germany signed an arms export agreement regarding weapons developed conjointly, a necessary step for the development of the Future Air Combat System (FCAS) by Dassault and Airbus.
The Indian government is moving ahead with plans to exit the struggling national carrier. But the approaching newest round of attempts to sell Air India appears to be causing internal tensions. Following en masse resignation of Airbus A320 pilots over salary, the airline’s management held talks with unions, appearing not only concerned about job security, but overall skeptical about the newest government disinvestment attempt.
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