Antonov An-12 crash-lands after running out of fuel, five killed

Daily Newsletter | October 4, 2019
The Commercial Court of Bobigny rejected the unique offer of takeover for XL Airways that was submitted at the last minute. The airline, which has been placed in receivership and suspended its operations from September 30, 2019, has now gone into liquidation.
Following the penalty award by the World Trade Organization (WTO) arbitrator, the U.S. announced it will slap 10% tariffs on European-made aircraft as well as 25% duties on other industrial and agricultural products from the EU. Airbus together with its U.S. based customers have expressed deep concerns over the impact that trade sanctions will have on the aviation industry and airlines’ businesses.

MC-21-300 test aircraft suffered a landing gear issue during a test flight on October 3, 2019. The manufacturer of the Russian passenger jet in-the-making, UAC, said that despite the issue, the landing was normal, while local media reports that emergency landing took place at Zhukovsky airport in Moscow. 
The Federal Aviation Administration released a new directive for Boeing 737 NG planes after structural cracks had been discovered on several aircraft.
A Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov An-12BK cargo plane made an emergency landing near Lviv International Airport, Ukraine. Five people were killed, three were seriously injured.
On the night of October 2 to 3, 2019, paratroopers from the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team jumped from three C-130 Hercules aircraft as part of an exercise taking place in Mississippi. At least 23 paratroopers out of 87 were injured as they landed in a forest, away from the intended zone.
One of the world’s top aviation hubs expands with new services
After several years of working separately, multiple aviation events, recruitment and news services are joining together under AeroTime Hub umbrella to form the second largest aviation digital hub currently in the world.
AeroTime Hub is a multi-channel aviation digital hub, pioneering the way forward for combining world-class breaking news, aviation intelligence, business development and entertainment ,  explains the CEO of AeroTime Hub Mindaugas Gumauskas.
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