Airline consolidation in Europe: worrying times for the industry

Weekend Special | February 8, 2020
While consolidation looks like a complex and long process that two or more companies undertake for one reason or another, at the end of the day, the term is fairly simple to explain: two or more business entities are combining forces either to improve their position in the market or grow quickly when it is hard to do so organically. However, the consequences of consolidation, especially within aviation, are much more complex than the term itself.
TOP News of the Week

Coronavirus prompts Airbus to close assembly line in China

As the global spread of coronavirus is affecting international travel, including cargo, global businesses, including aviation companies, are feeling the adversities of travel restrictions. Airbus announced that it is temporarily closing its final …

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Ryanair decentralizes fleet to smaller subsidiaries

Ryanair reduced its Boeing 737 fleet to 360 as its subsidiaries Buzz and Malta Air took over some flight operations for the group in the 3Q. 67 Boeing 737-800 aircraft were transferred from …

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