Airline consolidation in Europe: worrying times for the industry

Weekend Special | February 15, 2020

Airline consolidation in Europe: worrying times for industry

While consolidation looks like a complex and long process that two or more companies undertake for one reason or another, at the end of the day, the term is fairly simple to explain: two or more business entities are combining forces either to…

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Top 5 News of the Week

Why and when pilots decide to do go-around?

The recent stormy weather in Europe, including Storm Ciara and the approaching Storm Dennis, produced some adrenaline-inducing landing attempts at various airports in the continent. Some aircraft, unfortunately, were forced to go-around. So, what …

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Why all-Boeing Icelandair adding Airbus aircraft makes sense

Icelandair is, arguably, one of the few carriers that were very heavily affected by the Boeing 737 MAX crisis. While such giant as Southwest Airlines, another all-Boeing operator, had the scale to cover for the absence of the grounded aircraft,…

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Air Italy suspends operations

Air Italy announced that the carrier will suspend operations after February 25, 2020. From February 11 till February 25, 2020, other airlines will operate Air Italy flights. The decision comes after a shareholder …

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Airbus unveils MAVERIC, the airliner of the future [Video]

During the Singapore Airshow 2020, Airbus lifted the curtain on one of its secret projects named MAVERIC. The flying wing technological demonstrator offers a glimpse into the commercial aircraft of the future. Despite its name, MAVERIC (for Model …

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AtlasGlobal declares bankruptcy

During a corporate meeting, employees were told not to come back the next day, as the company was now bankrupt. Ticket sales and flight operations were immediately interrupted. In recent months, AtlasGlobal had reduced operations due to its…

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By AeroTime Feature Authors

Why so many airlines going bankrupt and being bought out!

A common joke in the aviation industry (which is really quite savage when you think of it), is that airlines are “Dropping like flies!” 2019 saw the most airlines fail and go bankrupt, in the history of aviation! But, 2019 also saw the most…

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How to Become an Aviation Manager in Five Steps

When you have your professional aspirations, it’s important that you know the right path to making them happen. Simply hoping you’ll advance in your career won’t take you very far, but a strategic plan on how to work on accomplishing your goals will.

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