Airbus orderbook shrinks by 99 aircraft in February 2019

Daily Newsletter | March 8, 2019
In February 2019, Airbus faced cancellations of 103 aircraft in its orderbook, while during the same month it landed just one order for four A220s. Knowing that February was also the month when the Toulouse-based manufacturer announced the end of its A380 program, customers changing their minds of the A380 is already a widely discussed topic, but order cuts affected other models as well, including the A380 successor.
American Airlines had to ground 14 freshly retrofitted aircraft after it spotted a problem with overhead bins that do not close properly. The U.S. carrier claims the issue never affected safety and the groundings is just a precautionary measure. But the move also comes as a malevolent moment for critics who have been complaining about the “ever shrinking passenger seats”.
Airbus expects the demand for 100 to 150 seat aircraft to represent “at least” 7,000 planes over the next 20 years. And with its A220, the manufacturer believes it has full chance of winning “the lion’s share” of the market. The latest Airbus order book updates reveal that the A220 sales are indeed slowly moving forward.
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