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DAILY NEWSLETTER | 06 April 2018
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Airbus’ new super-transporter beast – Beluga XL

Airbus is building a new version of super-transporter Beluga XL which will eventually replace manufacturer’s current fleet of A300-600ST Belugas in service since 1992. Airbus Beluga XL is set to enter into service in 2019.

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Virgin Galactic rocket test launch 3 years after fatal crash

Richard Branso’s Virgin Galactic successfully conducted supersonic test flight of its SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity passenger rocket on April 5, 2018, three years after the fatal crash of VSS Enterprise in 2014. 

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IndiGo withdraws from Air India negotiations

Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo announced on March 5, 2018, backing down on becoming a candidate to buy out Air India, because of unsatisfactory conditions from the government, it claims.

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F-15K fighter jet crashes in South Korea
Scoot’s passenger plane escorted back by RSAF due to bomb threat
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