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Airbus BelugaXL on the way for maiden flight, while A380 heads for scrap yard

Airbus BelugaXL completes vibration testing, prepares for taxiing

The first BelugaXL has passed the Ground Vibration Test (GVT), a requirement for certification of the aircraft that paves the way towards its maiden flight in summer 2018.

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Iconic but unwanted: German investor to sell two A380s for parts

A German investment company, Dr. Peters Group, revealed on June 5, 2018, it will sell two A380 superjumbo passenger jets for parts after the aircraft were returned to the lessors by Singapore Airlines (SIA) and efforts to negotiate new leases with several interested airlines failed. Now, the world’s largest iconic jetliner may be heading to the scrap yard, just 10 years after it entered service with the very same SIA.

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Boeing confirms passing $20B deal

Boeing confirmed the manufacturer would comply with US sanctions and will not fulfill the orders placed by Iran Air and Aseman Airlines. The two Iranian carriers hold an order of  more than 110 aircraft for an estimated total of about $20 billion.

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Ryanair acknowledges flight attendant union for the first time

The low-cost carrier Ryanair signed an agreement with workers unions representing flight attendants in Italy on June 6, 2018 –  three months after signing similar agreement with pilots.

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