AF447: Air France sent back to court, case dismissed for Airbus

Daily Newsletter | July 22, 2019
The Paris Public Prosecutor has requested Air France to face trial for manslaughter and negligence in the training of pilots, following the crash in 2009 of flight AF447 between Rio de Janeiro and Paris which killed 228 people. The Prosecutor also asked to dismiss a case against Airbus, whose A330-200 crashed in the middle of the Atlantic after an icing of the Pitot probes.
The United States military accuses a Venezuelan SU-30 Flanker fighter jet of following a U.S. Navy EP-3 Aries “at an unsafe distance […] for a prolonged period of time” in international airspace. Venezuela claims that the U.S. aircraft has violated its airspace.
With less than two days left untill Boeing reveals their Q2 financial results, the company is due to recognize $5.6 billion fall in revenue for the 2 quarter of 2019 due to the MAX crisis. While the FAA is yet to establish a clear timeline when the Boeing 737 MAX will return to service and with speculation that we won’t see one flying in the H2 of 2019, the situation raises the question:
How did it all come to this?

Lufthansa and British Airways abruptly suspend all flights to Cairo for seven days over security concerns.
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