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WEEKEND SPECIAL | 24 February 2018
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Saratov Airlines crash: No lessons learned from Air France 447

Barely a month ago, the press hailed the year of 2017 as the safest year in history for air passenger transportation. The aviation industry predicted a rosy picture of a future where there wouldn’t be any more aircraft accidents, basically because of the increasing automation, supposed to make commercial aviation more predictable and secure.

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Europe’s biggest LCC trio: prospects of growth and partnerships

Low-cost airlines play a major role in Europe with growing number of passengers. Ryanair, EasyJet and Norwegian are major players, prepared for future growth. And now rumors emerged of a possible consolidation.

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Airbus anxiously awaits Franco-German fighter plan by late 2018

Initial details of the planned Franco-German program to develop a next-generation European fighter jet are expected to emerge in the second half of 2018, says CEO of Airbus Defense and Space, Dirk Hoke, as the company attempts to move on from troubles with its Eurofighter and A400M and find its place in Europe’s fragmented fighter industry.

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