FAQs about Cadet Programs with Spanish Airlines

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Have you heard the latest news? BAA Training has launched two cadet programs with two Spanish airlines. If you succeed in the assessment, you will get a letter of engagement from the airline, which can be perceived as a conditional job guarantee. Both operators are well-established in the market and are looking for new talents. Do you think it can be your perfect starting point? Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 below then!

Can I join if I am under 18, provided that all other requirements are met?

It is possible to start the application process and theory training at 17 years old. However, a student must be at least 18 to begin flight training.

Is speaking Spanish necessary for these cadet programs?

The knowledge of Spanish is advantageous but not necessary.

What about the upper age to start training under a Spanish cadet program?

The upper age limit is 35 years old to apply for a cadet program at a Spanish airline.

Where is the theoretical part held?

You have three options to choose from: Lithuania, Spain or online via a unique, specially dedicated virtual classroom.

What does the total cost for this program cover?

The total cadet program cost includes ATPL Integrated, Type rating and Base training. Accommodation and living expenses are covered by the student separately.

What is the initial salary once hired and what is its progress?

The information about the salaries is confidential, and it varies from company to company. However, as a new First Officer, you may expect around 2 000 – 3 000 EUR per month. As you gain experience and flight hours, your salary will grow. In 3-4 years, a First Officer’s salary is about 4000 Eur on average. The airline captain’s salary range is 6000 – 10000 Eur.

What are the other options to partially finance the training fee?

Usually, students or their parents/relatives take bank loans to finance the training. The best way to learn about funding is to contact your local banks and ask them what options they can offer.

Can I start the program not from the beginning if I have passed some modules?

You can start the Spanish cadet program without experience or with a PPL licence.

During the assessment process, can the interview be held online?

The assessment organized by BAA Training can be done online or in our training centre in Lithuania. The final interview with the airlines will be held online or face-to-face, depending on the airline’s decision.

Is it possible to complete the training extra-occupational?

Spanish cadet programs are full-time training courses. However, if you choose to complete the ATPL theory via a virtual classroom, you may combine it with a part-time job.

What happens after I complete the assessment?

After you pass the final interview with the airline, it will issue a letter of intent. It means they are ready to hire you, subject to your studying performance.

Is the program only integrated or is there a modular option?

Under the Spanish cadet program, you will be doing an ATPL Integrated course, followed by Type Rating and Base training.

If you think the Spanish program is the right match for you, do contact us to find out more. In the end, you will proudly become a pilot on Airbus A320, the world‘s top passenger jetliner and fly for one of the leading airlines in Europe!

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