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WEEKEND SPECIAL | 14 April 2018
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How seasonality affects the aircraft leasing market?

Fueled by growing passenger numbers worldwide, commercial aviation industry is rapidly expanding, presupposing a drastic rise of global airline fleet in the years to come. Notwithstanding the potential, even this growth trend remains subject to inevitable year-on-year fluctuations in the market due to seasonality. Just like airlines constantly open&nbsp; and close&nbsp; new routes depending on seasonal passengers&rsquo; demand,&nbsp; the order books of the biggest aircraft manufacturers and leasing firms also respond to the peaks and lows in the industry. So when is the next window for aircraft lessors to ride the wave of their ever-growing order books?

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SpaceX’s value ascends to $26 billion

Elon Musk’s aerospace venture SpaceX  authorized a new round of funding for $507 million on April 5, 2018. According to a filing seen by Reuters, the initial value of the Series I shares is $169 per share, which is a 25% increase from its previous fundraising round in 2017. This round would bring SpaceX value to $26 billion.

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History Hour: Ruth Nichols world speed record on Lockheed Vega

On April 13, 1931, Ruth Rowland Nichols set a World Air Sports Federation World Speed Record of 210.64 mph over a 1.9 mile course at Carlton, Minnesota (U.S.).

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