Full Year 2017 for LCCs: the best performance ever? | AeroTime Weekend Special


WEEKEND READS | 5 May 2018

Full Year 2017 for LCCs: the best performance ever? | AeroTime Weekend Reads

Full Year 2017 for LCCs: the best performance ever?

A few more years like this year and this annual summary is going to get pretty repetitive. A couple of airlines went bust, the legacy carrier LCCs made a better effort to compete, and Ryanair added a load more growth and remained by far the most profitable LCC in Europe. Thank you, goodnight.

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History Hour: 1st non-stop transcontinental flight on Fokker T-2

On May 2-3, 1923, the U.S. Army Air Service pilots  made the first non-stop transcontinental flight with a “Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek” Fokker T-2 single-engine monoplane.

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Q & A: What it takes to be a pilot at Small Planet Airlines?


When asked to describe itself as a workplace, Small Planet Airlines believes it is a LOVABLE PLACE to WORK.

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