Air France 447: pilot union demands trial of “all parties”

Daily Newsletter | June 4, 2019
Ten years after the crash of Air France AF447 flight, families of victims are still awaiting a trial. The SNPL, Air France’s main pilot union, demands that everyone involved in the crash to be sent to court.
An ambitious project is underway for Qantas – Australia’s national carrier is expecting top manufacturers to present their final offers for the ultra-long-haul aircraft that would be operated on the planned Sydney-London route, set to be the world’s longest commercial flight when it is launched in 2023. The ultra-comfortable passenger experience boasted about by the airline’s CEO, on the other hand, may not come to fruition.
Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya told reporters on June 4, 2019, that the search operation in the area where debris was found was over, but the investigation into the causes of the crash was continuing.
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